How to speed up the processing time of blockchain applications? We show you the solutions!

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Real time application service
Experience lightning-fast response times for any Web3 application with Superbuffers, eliminating concerns about high latency in distributed systems. Our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless real-time performance for your applications.
Privacy-preserving verifiable sequencer
Inspired by Web2 sequencers, Superbuffers introduces a Web3-based sequencer offering unparalleled privacy and trustworthiness. Our state-of-the-art sequencer ensures data integrity and protection, addressing the challenges faced by traditional Web2 solutions.
SuperBuffers' innovative zero-persistence storage eliminates storage pressure, showcasing our platform's exceptional portability. This groundbreaking feature paves the way for limitless expansion and diverse applications, opening up a world of possibilities for SuperBuffers.

Our mission is to build a trustworthy middleware to enable the fast execution of Internet based apps in Web3.